About Us

Laserbox is created for personalization with laser engraving, oriented to providing the most professional laser engraving solutions and services. We want to redefine laser cutting as a smarter and more simplified technology all of us can apply, and create DIY cutters all of us can use, instead of the huge complex old-time machines; we want to provide more personalization possibilities for our customers, to save time and space, and offer more convenience.

Within this brand, the much-loved are our Laserbox and Laser Creation machines, two amazing smart desktop laser cutters and engravers developed for creation. They reimagine laser cutting and make it easy and fun with the abilities to cut and engrave your design, sketch, photo and any pattern you like speedily and precisely. Both the two machines can cut and engrave various materials such as acrylic, wood, leather, bamboo, slate, cardboard and more. From advertising signs to home decors to personalized gifts, from hand drawing to graphic design to three-dimension work, our Laserbox and Laser Creation machines can realize all your creative ideas with laser. Join us, let’s make ideas happen!